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Would like condor_ssh_to_job functionality

Added by Joe Boyd over 4 years ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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We would really like to get condor_ssh_to_job functionality to users. The users don't currently have login access to the schedd machine. I believe that's necessary but I don't know for sure.

condor_ssh_to_job already works for many offsite sites. We are still working on the security issues for onsite but it would be really helpful to be able to get to these offsite slots and then it will work for onsite too once we get that end setup.


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Hi Joe,

I understand how I would wrap condor_tail and condor_userlog to go through the server and report back results to the client, something interactive like ssh_to_job seems quite a bit harder.

How far along are you guys on allowing condor_ssh_to_job? What kind of authentication will you use? I am trying to envision how a jobsub client command could help authenticate to the worker node for the condor_ssh_to_job.


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From todays jobsub meeting:
Security has consistently said 'NO' to our requests for permission to do this on FNAL resources. It is possible that they may consent for non FNAL OSG resources or for jobs running inside containers, so we are pushing this out to 1.3.2 instead of closing it immediately

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This will not be jobsubs task in the new architecture

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