Task #10464

Task #10449: HV pickoff & signal splitter

Task #10463: HV pickoff/splitter enclosure

Get FNAL guidelines for HV pickoff/splitter

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Need guidelines as to
  • how cables may be terminated (may they be soldered in?)
  • what connectors may be used
  • connector spacing
  • connectors only on the front, or front and back allowed
  • enclosure materials allowed (steel, aluminum, ABS)
  • grounding

The enclosed pickoff/splitter board is currently assumed to be completely passive.


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From Geoff today:
Hi Jonathan,

Steve Chappa is an Electrical Engineer in the EE Department of the Particle Physics division. As you can see from his email he is willing to assist in the electronics design process and I'm guessing that he will be able to identify others to assist too. We should setup a meeting so everyone can meet.

This is new territory for the Neutrino Division. Let me outline how I see this interaction progressing.
1. ANNIE provides background on what they need to accomplish for each electronics task.
2. ANNIE submits a proposal for each item, similar to what Jonathan sent in the original email.
3. Fermilab reviews the proposal and makes recommendations.
4. ANNIE completes the project.
5. ANNIE adds documentation to an electronics Operational Readiness Clearance document.
I leave it to the experts to adjust or tune these steps as needed. A general comment here from my experience working with the EE crew. The more background they have the better the solution.

Neutrino Division Management, ANNIE, and Steve Chappa will need to discuss payment options. Always need that budget code before any work gets done.


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