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a scaling problem

Added by Andrei Gaponenko over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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I noticed that art becomes slower and slower as I process more files
in a single job. The attached plot time-per-file.pdf illustrates the
problem. It shows the time stamp difference between consecutive
"Successfully opened file" printouts, in seconds, vs file number. The
job ran over 51 input file, so there are 50 data points. You can see
that the second file was opened about 300 seconds after the first one.
But it took art about an hour to switch from file 50 to file 51.
Note that the input files have the same size to about 1%. (Except for
the last one, which is slightly smaller.)

Job memory consumption grew up to ~6GB, but swapping was not a
problem. The process ran at 97% average CPU/wall clock time.

To reproduce, please run JobConfig/cd3/beam/beam_flt4detflash.fcl
from Mu2e Offline v5_4_7 over the files in


time-per-file.pdf (8.15 KB) time-per-file.pdf Andrei Gaponenko, 10/09/2015 11:09 AM
Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.35.47 PM.png (16.4 KB) Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.35.47 PM.png sqlite_step of ParameterSetRegistry::importFrom Kyle Knoepfel, 10/09/2015 01:38 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.35.13 PM.png (19.2 KB) Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.35.13 PM.png RootInputFile c'tor Kyle Knoepfel, 10/09/2015 01:38 PM


#1 Updated by Marc Paterno over 5 years ago

Andrei, do you have the result of running the TimeTracker on a job like this? If not, could you run again (even a shorter job, say 10 files) using the TimeTracker?

#2 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel over 5 years ago

Yes, it will be good to see what the TimeTracker says--that will tell us if it's a problem inside the event calls. However, since I already had your particular version of Mu2e set up, I ran allinea for an art job with only five of the input files. The ParameterSet importation via sqlite is likely the culprit. See the attached files. The width of the green bars indicate the time spent on executing that particular call, which is clearly increasing each subsequent time sqlite_step is called.

#3 Updated by Andrei Gaponenko over 5 years ago


A TimeTracker printout from running on 10 files is below. A complete log file can be found at


TimeTracker printout (sec)                                Min           Avg           Max         Median          RMS         nEvts
Full event                                            0.000103659   0.00106275      1.06409     0.00071814    0.00285319     2017753
detPath:trackerHits:SelectStepPointsByTime                 0        0.000133844    0.426743      8.05e-05     0.00126244     2017753
detPath:caloHits:SelectStepPointsByTime                    0        9.44635e-05     1.06301     5.1293e-05    0.00129193     2017753
detPath:caloROHits:SelectStepPointsByTime                  0        6.14807e-05    0.184917     4.0978e-05    0.000578495    2017753
detPath:detectorFilter:FilterG4Out                         0        0.000331726    0.343128     0.000221227   0.00108373     2017753
detPath:TriggerResults:TriggerResultInserter               0        2.33566e-05    0.0242809    2.0888e-05    9.50824e-05    2017753
end_path:genCountLogger:GenEventCountReader                0        2.54201e-06    0.0160496     2.198e-06    2.9023e-05     2017753
end_path:hitTimesTrackerIn:ExtremeHitTimes                 0        1.4978e-05     0.0209895    1.3434e-05    7.77562e-05    2017753
end_path:hitTimesTrackerOut:ExtremeHitTimes                0        1.08261e-05    0.023088      9.762e-06    6.58366e-05    2017753
end_path:hitTimesCaloIn:ExtremeHitTimes                    0        2.28057e-05    0.0855061    2.0494e-05    0.000117435    2017753
end_path:hitTimesCaloOut:ExtremeHitTimes                   0        1.78253e-05    0.018126     1.6059e-05    8.39066e-05    2017753
end_path:hitTimesTOCIn:ExtremeHitTimes                     0        3.03768e-05     0.13114     2.7558e-05    0.000145848    2017753
end_path:hitTimesTOCOut:ExtremeHitTimes                    0         2.451e-05     0.0190557    2.2266e-05    9.33055e-05    2017753
end_path:beamFlashOutput:RootOutput                        0        6.85115e-05    0.506996      8.72e-06     0.00131588     2017753
detPath:compressPVDetector:CompressPhysicalVolumes         0        1.72222e-05   0.00855963     1.493e-05    6.99335e-05     55978

#4 Updated by Christopher Green over 5 years ago

I think Kyle's Allinea MAP analysis provides the smoking gun, here. The slowdown due to the size of the existing database is caused by the index used to prevent duplicate entries and speed lookup based on ID. We could do something along the lines of maintaining a local ParameterSetID -> row number unorderd_map for lookup and collision detection and dropping the index. We'd still be looking up the ID in a "table", but it would be our "table". Whether this would actually provide the performance improvement desired would require measurement.

#5 Updated by Andrei Gaponenko over 5 years ago

Christopher Green wrote:

The slowdown due to the size of the existing database is caused by the index used to prevent duplicate entries

A user option to provide sorted events on input should address this. Even better, several options: (1) event numbers sorted within each subrun, (2) sorted events and subruns, (3) sorted events, subruns, and runs.
For Mu2e MC samples (1) is automatically satisfied, and we can do (2) and (3) when needed.

#6 Updated by Christopher Green over 5 years ago

This is the ParameterSet database and the index is of parameter set IDs. It has nothing to do with events, sorted or otherwise.

#7 Updated by Christopher Green over 5 years ago

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We believe that the circumstances in which you are seeing this problem will be mitigated by the solution to issue #10491. If this is not the case, please let us know immediately.

#8 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel about 5 years ago

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#9 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel about 5 years ago

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