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Flasher and calibration board power should normally be off, set alarm ranges accordingly, except current

Added by Glenn Horton-Smith almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

slow monitoring and control
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The current draw should only go red when current is too high.
Power supply channel state should go yellow when channel is turned on.

[Voltage could be handled similar to current, just to prevent accidental overvoltage.]


#1 Updated by Glenn Horton-Smith over 4 years ago

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Done. The "OnDetPower" channels 504, 505, 506, and 907 won't alarm when they're off. There will be a minor alarm if these channels come on, which an expert should acknowledge if s/he turns it on deliberately.

Note that 506 (flasher) used to have fairly narrow alarm range around about 7.5 V, and now it's possible to set it anywhere from 0 to 7.7 V without getting an alarm. That seemed to be what you were asking for, so that's what I did. Currently the voltage on 506 is set to 0 in addition to it being turned off.

504 and 505 still have tight ranges about 3.3 V for the voltage setting. They are set to 3.3 V, and I believe we always want them either off or at their correct voltage, so I left them that way.

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