A Stand–Alone QSS Solver for Continuous System Simulation

Technical documentation

This article introduces a stand–alone implementation of the Quantized State
System (QSS) integration methods for continuous and hybrid system simulation.
QSS methods replace the time discretization of classic numerical integration by
the quantization of the state variables. These algorithms lead to discrete event
approximations of the original continuous systems and show some advantages over
classic numerical integration schemes.
For simplicity reasons, most implementations of QSS methods were confined to
discrete event simulation engines. The problem is that they were not fully efficient
as they wasted much of the computational load in the discrete event simulation
mechanism. The Stand–Alone QSS solver presented here overcomes this problem,
improving in more than one order of magnitude the computation times of the previous
discrete event implementations.
Besides describing the solver structure and functionality, the article analyzes
four different models and compares the performance of the new solver with that of
the discrete event implementation, and with that of different classic solvers


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