IOTA OptiM file

User documentation

This file contains the geometry for the IOTA ring (38 quads) with hall constraints taken into account. The lattice starts at the middle of the IO section and repeats itself at the middle of the second IO section.

IO sections are 1.8 m.
OSC channel (wigglers and chicane)is 422.25 m. There will be an additional space for 2 quads and a bpm on either end (619.75 m total); valves will be included between the dipoles and quads.

The beta functions and tunes are roughly fitted.


iota.png (219 KB) iota.png Geometric Layout (generated in python) Gene Kafka, 09/03/2013 05:46 PM
iota_sept_v1.opt (5.85 KB) iota_sept_v1.opt IOTA file (can toggle OSC drift element ON and OFF with comments) Gene Kafka, 09/05/2013 04:13 PM