Release note

User documentation

The Exemption Notifier is a CLI tool. It is designed for the sending the email alerts
to a primary system administrator or to a system owner when a Tissue system exemption is about to expire.

The list of features for this release:
The Exemption Notifier tool with it’s components provides the following options:
- schedule the verification of expiration date for all tissue exemption;
- select time period in days or weeks when e-mail alert should be send if an exemption is to expire within this time frame;
- send e-mail notifications for selected by CLI options tissue exemptions
which expiration date is going to be expired ;
- make inventory all tissue exemptions or selected by CLI options tissue exemptions with an indication as to
whether or not a notification would have been sent;
- customize the e-mail notification;
- customize e-male to and e-male cc addressee;