List of options for expired exemptions Notifier

Technical documentation

Expired Exemption Notifier - module for verification the expiration date of any exemptions.
When an exemption is about to expire, an email alert will be sent based on the CLI line options.
1 template=: email template : file with < exemption_id> token OR config variable directs to that file
2 exmp_type=: Exemption types: example 's' | 'scanning';
3 system_name=: System names can be a list;
4 exmp_behavior=: Exemption behavior: ?
5 exmp_id=: Exemption Id: can be a list;
6 expire_in_weeks = : required argument.
7 expire_in_days = : required argument --- it can be weeks or days(not)both
7 mail_to=: directs to whom;
8 mail_cc=: directs to whom cc;
9 n - suppress notification (flag);
10 d - debug (flag);
11 v - inventory(flag)
12 log_file - points where the log file will be located and it's name.