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The following documents are examples and templates of other requirements documents, showing the general structure of the information that we want to include.

The first example is from the NOvA File Transfer system. This system is designed to migrate detector data to tape/disk as well as catalog it in a database catalog, as a result some of the use cases are similar to the type that would be required for a system that extracts beam data from one system and moves it to a different one and catalogs the information etc....

The document includes sections for the system description, major inputs/output, actors, use cases, external constraints and other standard requirements concepts.

For the Template document, this is essentially the same skeleton with the start of each section modified to look like what a beam data system may look like.


NOvAFileTransferSystemRequirements_4_0-1.doc (271 KB) NOvAFileTransferSystemRequirements_4_0-1.doc Example Requirements document Andrew Norman, 03/01/2011 01:06 PM
beam_data_requirements_template.doc (129 KB) beam_data_requirements_template.doc Beam Data Monitoring Requirements (template) Andrew Norman, 03/01/2011 02:00 PM