How to login to the Production MID Server

User documentation

To login to the Production MID Server and do troubleshooting / recovery, a user needs all of the following:

1. A FERMI domain "regular" user account (not a "services" account e.x. user1 (FERMI))
2. An RSA token (hardware or software) linked to the account in 1 above
3. permission to RDP (remote desktop) into server fermi-ts-admin
4. A FERMI domain "admin" user account (not a "services" admin account e.x. user1-admin (FERMI))
5. permission to RDP into the MID server (server) fermi-snow
6. Administrator rights on fermi-snow

All of these items can be requested via the Service Catlaog (Since both fermi-ts-admin and frmi-snow are "Windows" machines, Rick Hill is a good contact person.

The process to login is:

1. From a normal computer (like a laptop), RDP into fermi-ts-admin using the regular FERMI account user1 this requires the RSA token
2. After step 1, login to fermi-ts-admin with the FERMI user1 account and password
3. From fermi-ts-admin, RDP to fermi-snow
4. Login to fermi-snow with the user1-admin FERMI account and password