MID Server basics

User documentation

Definition of a MID Server from SN:

“The Management, Instrumentation, and Discovery (MID) Server is a Java application that runs as a Windows service or UNIX daemon. The MID Server facilitates communication and movement of data between the ServiceNow platform and external applications, data sources, and services.”

Think of a MID Server as the communication interface between the Fermilab environment and the SN “cloud” environment. Most of the integrations between SN and other systems (like SCCM) rely on the MID Server. Security has to be properly set to allow communication between the MID Server and the SN “cloud” environment.

At Fermilab there is 1 Production MID Server. There is no fail-over.

The server is It is a virtual machine.

IP =
Windows Server 2008 R2

The MID Server (service) runs as a Windows Service Service-now MID Server on

Some people refer to the MID Server meaning the actual server and some people mean the service running on the server. For all intents and purpose – they are the same thing.

The virtual server is maintained and managed by the Windows Support team at Fermilab. (Rick Hill)

They perform regular monthly server patching – usually about 7:15 AM on the third Thursday of each month. When is rebooting, the MID Server (service) is down. After reboot, it should come back up cleanly.

If the MID Server(service) is not functioning, it is the task of the SN Support team to get it back in working condition. More later on how to monitor the MID Server health.