Feb 8th, 2017

Added by Richard Neswold over 3 years ago


Charlie Briegel, Jerry Firebaugh, Rich Neswold, Dennis Nicklaus, Mike Sliczniak, Jimmy You


  • VxWorks 6.9 development
  • New RaspberryPi-based mini for FIRUS


Mike reported on the two new machines, vxbuild1 and vxbuild2, which will host VxWorks 6.9 development. The plan is to keep older VxWork development on nova and new development on the vxbuild machines. These machines will share their home directory and our build environment will switch between machines to build.

Charlie expressed hope that this might merge together all the build environments into one.

Mike reported he was unable to get a 6.4 kernel boot on a 6.9 boot image.

Rich described the new CPU card used in the FIRUS minis. It's based on a design the Paul Kasley did for the vacuum system. The board has an FPGA that does the STDBUS protocol and mounts a RaspberryPi on it.

Dennis described a device he's creating where 8 samples happen in 10 ms bursts and get delivered to ACNET as an array device.

Charlie reported having problems getting multiple Echotek boards working in 5500s. By using 2400s, they were able to get 5 boards working.