Need suggestions for beamline reco plots

Added by Will Flanagan about 5 years ago

Hi LArIATSoft Experts,

I am looking to run over a reco file and make a plot of aerogel pulse height versus ToF. Since this is completely analogous to making the WC momentum versus ToF, I should probably follow the same convention that is being used to make that plot. Has anyone made that plot since the advent of Slicer?

I am currently running over raw LArIAT data with the slicer module and then the beamline full reco module. The beamline full reco module makes a few histograms, but none that involve combining detectors. Should I add my code here? Again, I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone has done something different for the WC momentum versus ToF plot.

My recipe so far is here:

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RE: Need suggestions for beamline reco plots - Added by Jason St. John about 5 years ago

How about adding the AG info to the AnaTree? While you're at the stage of designing plots and imposing cuts, it's the perfect thing.

Well, maybe not perfect. It may need a tweak so that the AnaTree adds your reco quantities to the TTree. Who doesn't love adding branches to TTrees?