Instructions for generating/using a recovery DAG?

Added by Robert Hatcher over 1 year ago

I've got 6 DAGs of ~680 nodes each. For each approximately 4-6 job nodes failed (probably related to last week's network hiccup). In the output tarball there are files such as:

  • genie_splines.nova.dag my original DAG
  • genie_splines.nova.dag.xml some parsed form of the above
  • submit.20190620_164500.dag some "dot" file
  • other files w/ @dag* in their name
  • submit.20190620_164500.dag.rescue001 - a tantalizing name, but not something one can submit (seems related to the ..dag.xml

After a search of this redmine area I can not find any instructions on how to create/submit a set of jobs for finish off the original DAGs. It seems there should be sufficient information here to submit just the necessary jobs, but I don't see how.

Are there instructions somewhere?