BNB out for Tuesday at 6AM, get 2PM Booster cleared out.
Main Injector work cleared out for evening shift.
Do 16 turns in BNB overnight.
Can run with squeezed momentum spread as opposed to squeeze spatial spread for the bunch rotations.

May need more MI access on Wednesday.

Horn- may do documentation tomorrow

uB- smooth

ANNIE- electronics pre-approvals, installation practice

uB beam:

DAQ trigger window 1.65/1.75 ~ 0.95

at 5 Hz w/ trigger rate at 0.5 Hz
save this much in dataspace = 0.05 * dataspace
save this much in data cost = 0.05 * dataspacecost = 0.05 * $1M/3years = $50,000/3 years
over 3 additional SBN years, running at 10Hz w/ trigger rate at 1Hz:
+$100,000/3 additional years

total savings = $150,000 over 6 years

NuMI RWM: Monitoring accelerator changes

BNB delay off of 100 MHz clock