attendance: Robert, Tia, Zarko, Bill, Alberto, Tom, Mike, Matt, ...

BNB: Ready (sign-offs tomorrow, )

Booster: Run low int. this week at low check out rate. Not useful for users. Can see if we can see it on multiwires. It’s lossy. We have more alignment work to do, we don’t want to heat up tunnel, they are expecting to get in there by the end of the week the earliest. Would like to see RWM. ~1e12? No rate for now, just pulses. Want to do check out of devices.

uB: ready for data. RWM vs trigger timing check.
MB: on ready, Zarko and Richard looking at MB data now, Bobby will start to pick it up now. Michele scripts send to Bobby too.
SciBath: on track to move detector in Nov. ~4week running + a bit (parking lot next to BNB)