Donatella, Bill, Steve Hahn- NuMI beam data… shifter watches what AD wants, have alarms, call run coordinator, they direct call to “operations support” (Donatella’s group) find: ACNET problem (24 hour support)? IFBeamDB problem (12 hour response time)? ease communication between AD & experiments.

Bill- BNB update: Booster try week of 5th. only MI for ~1 week. 1/2 RF’s on, so will have low intensity, expect rest the week after. Then NuMI target scan is after that, for ~1 week, we get some beam too!
1e12 BNB ready, BNB target scan is easy. Expect high intensity on BNB for tests in 2 weeks. BNB gets full intensity at 5Hz till January. Booster Loss limited. In Jan, NuMI will be taking more protons. could be 5e12, helps tune the booster

MITPC will be ready Oct 5th, Annie water tank (end of year), SciBath detector expected in November ~1 month. MiniBooNE checking laser calib, will be ready Oct. 5th.