Zarko, Tia, Marjon, Bill, Robert, Matt H., Greg, Steve, Matt, Matt W., Rex

All sign offs on BNB, starting at 5 Hz, 1e12/pulse for BPM to light up. Do a target scan. See that we are focussed on target. Expect beam this afternoon. Beam on target + horn on. Right now at 1/3 current. 4.5e12 is nominal high intensity running. Can start getting up there this afternoon.

BNB status page: Rex, negative current on beam current… should read positive. We SHOULD be in neutrino mode, the power supplies were switched out.

SciBath: LED calibrations. Getting 1D & 1F timing signal. Ready for beam. Resistive Wall Monitor pulse is there for use in sciboone hall. Have commercial neutron detectors up top that we can trigger on it. (<10% 1D&1F trigger logic is empty, aggregated over a 3 month ). 

MITPC: unpack it.

MicroBooNE: 3rd LAr truck filling now. ~after July 4th.

ANNIE: chat to help with 2 person rule. Get tutorial on SciBath. Meet with Rex on Friday.