Nominal intensity 4.3 - 4.5 e12 ppp
7.5 Hz (Nova gets 6.xx Hz, rest goes to uBooNE).  But at that point we will be ramping up goal of 15 Hz by shutdown.

5 Hz average (no more than 10 pulses in a row).  The supply is not rated for 15 Hz.  True for operation.  Magnets in primary in beam line run DC. Alberto says we will work on the powers supply and horn to understand if we can exceed 5 Hz average, because the goal is 15 Hz.  The power supply can go to 12 Hz.  The horn is more complicated.  For the BNB upgrade they have been trying to design new horns (2.5 m and 3.5 m horns).  From the FEA analysis (Xe Xing) of these horns there seems to be no intrinsic limit of 5 Hz.  Larry B. sent Xe Xing the current BNB horn files to repeat the analysis. The old limit came from Joule heating in the skinny part of the neck of the horn.

Protons/hr is a shielding assessment and can’t be increased

Nova: 4+6 (6.xx Hz), 6+6 would be 9 Hz in Dec, so uBooNE could in principle take advantage of extra beam before Dec.

0.2e20 from 100 MeV neutrons
0.1e20 (few weeks) gets them 10 MeV fast neutrons (near threshold)
few days of running gives thermal neutron background.

It might be interesting to run off axis in SciBooNE, but most interesting is on axis.  Annie is not wide in perpendicular direction, but long in beam direction.