Fermicloud Meeting - March 18 .txt

Karen Shepelak, 03/19/2014 09:05 PM

Fermicloud Meeting - March 18, 2014

Who's here: 
Steve Timm, Kevin Hill, Gabriele Garzoglio, Tanya Levshina, Hyun Woo Kim, Hao Wu, Keith Chadwick, Karen Shepelak, ?and Tyler Parsons


Gabriel to do practice talk for OSG. 
Crada progress:
Vicky approved the Crada. Kisti will honor the approval.
20 days late with respect of what we were targeting. 

Report on the IIT visit:
-- Talked to 7 students, offer only to 2.
-- Start 2nd of June.

Interesting conversation with retired physicists. 
John Peoples very interested in the cloud.

Convergence between SCS and SCF quadrants re. service offerings
3 main things:
-- understanding with Stu. Stu has 2 entries for cloud. Come up with counter proposals if first proposal refused.
-- how to converge
-- want batch to become production service 
gridftp servers may not be long for this world as blue arc takes over. 
feeling is that dcache is no longer wanted 
Sam stuff could use frontier stuff -- discussion schedule around April

On-demand services planning

OpenNebula 4.x update (including X.509 plans).
-- Hyunwoo 
He found one solution he found for modifying normal users VM in order to prevent them from using "onevm update". 
last week he showed us how to use ruby java bridge template
don't believe he can get x509 working with one4.x
He has added a manifest to ONE puppet module (from germany) 
Need to learn how to use GSO puppet. 
He deployed ONE4.4 
Can run shell script to regenerate new rpm then downloaded by the puppet module 
Work continues on how to update the database.

-- Gabriele 
thinks we can get users privileges with attributes / instantiate vms with identities 

-- Other
Swift - the software part of OpenStack will be a summer project. What is it good for. 

Operations--update on hung sshd processes?
-- Tyler
on node fcl411 -- all have line entry "kernel perf event=2 ". ?Entered as part of an slf6 privileged exploit stop/ get measure as informed by security.
are scp's freezing??? Tyler and Gerard believe it is ONE polling process related. Also, believe there are 2 issues - both are unrelated. 
virsh calls hang up for no reason. 

Testing: Intel has built in Ivy bridge -- add on network cards vs on board 

-- Hao to show something next week with plots he's working on. 

-- Steve to talk with Data Preservation Group. 

New hire in Joe's Group has excepted the offer and will start April 14.