This server now does the job of two older servers: cdcvs and fnkits:

Frequently Asked Questions

Users should review the cdcvs faq for possible answers to their questions. Homepage

This is the distribution server for ups and upd products at Fermilab

Information on its configuration is available, as are log summaries.

The main ftp server is resident on this system, which provides anonymous access to Fermitools files, and access to registered hosts for general Fermilab software. The online registration form is available, as is a page to check if someplace is registered.

For product maintainers, there is also a page to check who has downloaded a given ups product, and a script to check if you are registered to use upd addproduct.

Two special-permission ftp servers allow access for U.S. Government Only products and Export Restricted products; which will give users "permission denied" errors on hosts that we do not know for certain are U.S. sites. These let us deal appropriately with licensing and export restrictions on software distribution. Home page


This is the cdcvs CVS repository system. It provides CVS service for Fermilab and collaborators. There are web browsers for several repositories:

Access control

Users are allowed in via either cvs pserver access (per repository), or via a "cvsuser" account, which is accessed either by ssh with RSA keys, or via kerberos rsh [preferred].

If you want to use some way other than kerberos to get in, you should have a really good reason. If your reason is that you don't know how to setup kerberos for CVS on your laptop, please read This page

Only users who have met the requirements for a computing account at Fermilab should request access. Such requests should go to, where they will generally be handled within 2 business days. More details are available here.

Within the cdcvs:/cvs/cd repository there is also a check_access script, which has recently been updated to allow users control over the permissions of their own modules. This link describes how to modify commit privileges for your module.


Users who were still referring to the old cvs server as fndaub or should fetch the fixcvsroot script, which will change the CVS/Root files in a checked-out cvs module to reflect the new hostname. This script also has a man page.


The web and cvs address is served by the virtual machine

Backups are to our central TIBS service

More details are available (on-site only) here