about cdcvs.fnal.gov

This server is for cdcvs and fnkits. It also hosts Redmine and related Git, Subversion and CVS repositories. If you're using Redmine or git, please see the Redmine Project Wiki for details on recommended use of this system. For older projects, users should review the cdcvs faq for possible answers to their questions and read the remainder of this site. (If your project is less than fifteen years old, you probably don't need to be reading this page. Go to the Redmine page above.)

Overview of legacy CVS

This is the cdcvs Concurrent Version System (CVS) repository system. The Fermilab Computing Divison (CD) provides CVS service for Fermilab and collaborators. By using CVS, users can record the history of sources files, and documents. There are web browsers for several repositories:

Access control

Users are allowed in via either cvs pserver access (per repository), or via a "cvsuser" account, which is accessed either by ssh with RSA keys, or via kerberos rsh [preferred].

If you want to use some way other than kerberos to get in, you should have a really good reason. If your reason is that you don't know how to setup kerberos for CVS on your laptop, please read the appropriate information at this redmine page

Details about computing accounts at Fermilab are available in this knowledge article with details on connecting to cdcvs available at the redmine page mentioned earlier.

Within the cdcvs:/cvs/cd repository there is also a check_access script, which has recently been updated to allow users control over the permissions of their own modules. This link describes how to modify commit privileges for your module.

Overview of legacy UPS Product Distribution (fnkits.fnal.gov)

This is the distribution server for ups and upd products at Fermilab

The main ftp server ftp.fnal.gov is resident on this system which provides access to registered hosts for general Fermilab software.

For product maintainers, there is also a page to check who has downloaded a given ups product, and a script to check if you are registered to use upd addproduct.

Products for unsupported operating systems, and product versions not recently acccessed have been archived and retired. See the ARCHIVED and RETIRED lists at ftp.fnal.gov . To have a version restored, open a Service Desk Request, selecting the UPS service under Scientific Computing Services.